The itch of ALL itches


Ladies, we’ve all been here …. right ?

It all started with a little discomfort
A discomfort that soon turned into a twitch
Then the twitch became an itch
So I gave her a little scratch
But the scratch didn’t seem to satisfy her
So I rubbed her instead
Ohhhhhhh dear !!!!
Maybe that wasn’t such a good idea
I knew something was brewing
So, why did I ignore it?
Fuck !!!
This is the itch of ALL itches
Torn between needing to scratch
And wanting to play with her
But I’m neither home nor alone
I’m in the middle of my shift
Damn it !!!
Maybe it’ll help if I squeeze my thighs together?
Maybe it’ll stop if I sit on it?
Maybe distracting myself will help?
Maybe just a little touch?
Oh god !!!
Not sure I can take much more of this !!!
Before I know it I’m running to the bathroom
My knickers are around my ankles
And I’m rubbing my nether regions
Like my life depends on it
My fanny’s on fire and I’m burning for relief
Even a holy woman couldn’t deny THIS itch
Pleasure soon takes over
YES !!! YES !!! YES !!!
But …
Climax doesn’t satisfy THIS itch
The itch has now transformed into PAIN
My entire vulva is swollen and sore
I feel like I’ve just viciously abused myself
Attempts to sooth her with cool water helps
But then I need to pee
OMG !!!
It feels like I’m pissing razor blades

Ladies, DON’T scratch the itch !!!

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