Early detection can save lives


Today, my party tit (aka my left breast) has been poked, prodded and pressed …

Last week, I was told a change in density was found in my left breast from the mammogram. So further investigatation is routine procedure.

My sister joined me at the Breast Clinic for moral support, because I was feeling a tad anxious (thanks sis ❤). As usual we found plenty to giggle about though. Choosing which gown to wear was highly amusing. Exposing too much cleavage in one and afraid to lift my arms in another. When set free from a bra, my boobs tend to have a mind of their own 🤣

An ultrasound found x2 8mm cysts and a 7mm lump. So they drained the cysts and took a biopsy of the lump. A titanium clip has been placed in my breast, as a marker incase any surgerys needed in the future. I go back to the clinic on Thursday for the biopsy results.

Worst case scenario it’s cancer and they’ll book me in for surgery to remove it. Best case scenario it’s benign and annual mammograms will monitor it. So, as usual, I’m preparing myself for the worst, while hoping for the best.

Having gone through what we did with Mam and going what we’re going through with Dad, its easy to dismiss my own experience as being a minor hiccup. After all, the lumps only the size of a pea and its not life threatening.

However, I’d be lying to myself if I said, that the possibility of cancer being present in my body doesn’t bother me, however small it is.

My breast feels bloody sore from all the needle poking, ultrasound prodding and mammogram  pressing. But glad I listened to my instinct to ask for a mammogram and grateful they’ve found it early 🙏

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