How history shapes us …


The distortions of witch, crone and hag has had a huge impact on who we “think” we are and how we experience ourselves in this world.

Ever wondered why the patriachy wanted to distort who and what women really were ?

I have often pondered over this 🤔

Although, I absolutely agree and believe that what we do NOW is the most important, sometimes we DO need to look back into the past. Because it helps us understand how our history has shaped us. I believe that this is how we increase our self awareness, deepen our understanding, broaden our perspectives and learn from our past experiences.

In the past men have feared the connection women have with Spirit, Nature and Universe.

But we were created to have this connection.

Its our ability to grow life within our wombs that connects us with the Source of Creation.

We birth life and at times experience death through our body. We become acutely aware of the life force (energy) that flows through us.

As women we intuitively know that Nature heals and we  have innate natures to nurture.

Over the years we’ve been led to believe that women were less than, witches were evil and old women were useless. Women have (and still are) being used, abused and murdered. We have (and still) fight for and defend our rights.

Hardly surprising that we often struggle to live fully in our truth, when we’ve been devalued for centuries. But, as our individual experiences change, so does our collective experience.

We are ALL healing from the past ❤

As we heal our personal wounds, masculine and feminine energies begin to flow with a little more ease. We begin to experience ourselves differently and interaction with other changes.

Neither matriach or patriach, masculine or feminine, male or female seeking power and control, but both striving for BALANCE.

NOW is the time to stand confidently in your power and share YOUR kinda magic with the world … WE are WOMAN … and we RISE 🌟

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