I am woman … hear me ROAR !!!


I’m the kinda woman who wanders off into the woods alone. I love to walk amongst the trees and sit with the nature spirits. The forest tickles my senses and nourishes my soul.

This afternoon I stepped into some red wellington boots, slipped on my favourite jacket of many colours, put on my winter fur, selected some music and wandered off into the woods at the bottom of the property.

As I walked, I listened to the melody playing from my earphones, and my body soon began to move to the beat. It was the kinda rhythms that made my soul feel like dancing.

Once in the woods, I danced between the trees, loosing myself in the music. Dancing like no one was watching and feeling joy in my heart.

I was fully present in the moments. Noticing squirrels darting to and fro. Birds of pray hovering overhead. Trees swaying in the wind. The waxing crescent moon playing peekaboo with the clouds. And a small deer running across the meadow, heading towards me. I must have captured his curiosity because he came in for a closer look, before skipping off.

As I danced, I thought about the story of Little Red Riding Hood, who was afraid of the Big Bad Wolf. I thought about how often I’ve been told not to wander off too far from the path alone. I thought about how many times I’ve been too afraid to loose myself in the woods. As I danced, I thought about the stories we are writing about fearless women. As I danced, my inner wild woman awoke and I felt she wolf energy flowing through and radiating from me.

I am WOMAN …
watch me RISE and hear my ROAR !!!

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