Reflections …


Ive been reflecting over a blog I wrote 3 years ago, about people pleasing 3 years ago. Reflecting over some inner conflict I’ve been experiencing over the festive season. My struggle with over drinking and eating and how it impacts negatively on my mind and body.

Although I still choose to overindulge at times, I struggle more with the consequences.

When I drink too much booze, my mind isn’t clear and my writing doesn’t flow. When I eat too much food, my body feels heavy and my energy doesn’t flow, then I start to feel BAD !!!

I don’t want to feel bad, so I know I need to make different choices to feel good, but for me to feel good, I sometimes displease others 🤔

This Christmas, I’ve said NO and noticed the reactions of others, which has triggered me.

I wonder …

Why the fuck do we abuse our bodys?
When and how did overindulgance become the Christmas social norm to be expected?
Why are our self loving choices challenged?

Cognitive dissonance reflects CHANGE !!!

Although the inner tensions and conflicts still cause me discomfort, I appreciate the process and do my very best to flow with what surfaces without being too reactive to my triggers.

Sometimes I struggle with myself and that’s when I need to give myself time and space to reflect, to feel, to release and to understand.

Over the last few days, my emotions have been flowing because I feel a sense of inner conflict.

I’m where I want and need to be BUT I miss my family and friends. I believe in spirit BUT I miss my Mam. I’m excited about the possibilities of the future BUT I’m afraid of what’s possible. I believe in oneness BUT sonetimes I feel alone.

This is MY truth ❤

Over the past few days, I’ve been feeling unwell. So, I dove in to explore my inner world, drawing upon metaphysical theories because they align with my beliefs about health and well being.

Sinus is connected to our 3rd eye chakra, which influences our ability to think clearly (imagination, intuition, wisdom and awareness). I’ve already identified my inner conflict, how drinking too much impacts on my writing flow. So, I ask myself …

What do I need to RELEASE?

A limited belief?
An unexpressed thought?
A surpressed emotion?
A toxic habit?
An old pattern?

Yes, I believe that our physical symptoms are a manifestation of an inner tension/conflict, inbalance or a block of energy flow, which may be connected to any of the above …

But lets dive a little deeper ☺

As our consciousness expands, we become more aware of our being …

We not only have 7 main energy centres (chakra), as multidimensional beings we have 7 layers that radiate from us …

Our PHYSICAL body, which is 3rd dimensional matter. Our EMOTIONAL body, which is how we express our needs and self regulate (feelings). Our MENTAL body, which how we make sense of our world and create new realities (mind: our beliefs and thoughts). Our ASTRAL body, which is our life force (spirit). Our ETHERIC body, which is our energy field (aura). Our CELESTIAL body, which is our connection to the Universal energies (Moon, Sun and stars). And our KETHERIC body, our connection to the Divine (Source of ALL Creation) and this is considered to be the blueprint of our spiritial path.

I believe in our journey towards SELF LOVE ❤ because its the source of our HEALING 🌟

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