The wild woman …


Freedom is open to interpretation.
It expands beyond liberating slaves from chains,
and releasing people from oppression.
In the Western world we are FREE to choose,
but we often suffer the consequences of those choices.
The world has progressed in so many ways,
but regressed in others.
We have lost sight of what matters most.
In searching for cures we have lost our ability to heal.
In seeking power and wealth we have lost heart.
Is this why we are triggered by our environments?
Are we becoming more aware of what IS?
More mindful and conscious in our choices?
To rebel against what was before is a healthy process.
Challenging what IS,
is how we learn, grow and evolve as a species.
Yes, life can be fucking hard,
but it can also be an exciting experiment.
A wonderful adventure.
We cannot control things,
but we DO have the FREEDOM of choice.
I choose to follow my heart and trust my guts.
To release myself from the limitations of my own mind,
so I can flow with Nature and align with Universal energies.
To balance and HEAL.
I am not the civilized lady who wants to be admired.
I am not the saintly woman who wants to be good.
I am not the dutiful subject who wants to please.
I am the Wild Woman.
Liberating my spirit,
so I can experience the magic 🌟

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