HABITS … our life is driven by them, but how often do we actually explore them ??? … I decided to change some of my ‘bad’ habits, but turns out I have more than I first thought … Hence the creation of this blog … ‘Breaking the Habit’ … and our leading lady, sister Disgrace (nods head in nun like gesture)

Here, we will explore the habit formation of some of our every day habits and some of the common ´bad´ habit favourites: nail biting, smoking, drug taking, binge drinking, comfort eating and procrastionation. We will explore things like thought processes, communication styles, relational patterns, addictions and we will even dare to dive into those taboo juicy topics of casual sex, mastrubation and fetishes …

How wonderfully disgraceful !!!

This is a space where truth and humour will be used …

  • to ponder and reflect upon the experience of being human
  • to explore how we move through life
  • to be more mindful in our interactions


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