TO shaVe or NOT to shaVe ?

TO shave or NOT to shave ??? … that’s a question I’m asking myself today, so lets start with that habit shall we ???

Who was the first woman to say to herself ” I think I will shave all the hair off my vagina” .. or was her lover fed up of getting pubes stuck in his teeth ? …Today, I decide NOT to shave because I just can’t be bothered, besides the weather’s cooler so I can just wear long pants. In all honesty having furry legs doesn’t really worry me all that much these days (must be the inner wild woman begging to be unleashed) .. UNLESS I’m sexually active, then I want to shave because I don’t really feel my best sexy self with hairy legs. And being the disgraceful sister I am, I adore oral sex and its SO much better with a smooth mons pubis and labia majora .. But WHY else do we shave ?

  • is it by personal choice ?
  • is it to please our lover ?
  • is it to avoid grossing people out ?
  • is it a cultural habit ?

If we believe that shaving our body hair is only one or some of the above then WAKEY WAKEY !! .. its not until we start to explore a habit do we realise who much more is involved than just deciding to do it. Our motivation to shave will depend on the person, but most often it’s either to feel or be perceived in a certain way by others ..

  • before we have a hot date … we shave !!
  • before we go for our gyno appointments … we shave !!
  • before we leave the house wearing shorts … we shave !!

I pose the questions … WHY isn’t leg hair considered to be attractive ? WHY doesnt pubic hair appeal to some people ? WHY do we gasp in disgust when we see a ‘hairy’ woman ?

We are living in a time when young girls want to start removing the pubescent bodily hair as soon as it comes through. The transition from child to womanhood neither being experienced fully nor embraced, but denied … WHY ? .. Bodily hair is very much frowned upon … WHY ?

If we take a long hard deep look at our topic of hot debate we will find consumerism has a HUGE part to play, therefore is largely drive by the almighty dollar … Surprise !! Surprise !! .. There’s big bucks in selling products that shave this, pluck that, wax this and laser that. Positions have been created for our very own professional pluckers !! … We are surrounded by media advertisements that tell us that bare is beautiful. I’m yet to see a supermodel walking down the cat walk with her publes strategically positioned to highlight the latest bikini fashions.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying .. “Ladies, unleash your inner feral” .. unless YOU choose to. But I am drawing attention to how many of our everyday personal habits, such as shaving, have most certainly become a cultural habit.

Hmmmmm … so that habit of others influences our own personal habits (tilts her head to the side in contemplation)

Let me leave you with an image to ponder over … an image that raises some very interesting questions. My automatic response to this was how it gave me a great visual representation of how I see woman. She’s stepping further away from her womanhood by removing some of what makes her woman, as if stepping back into a position of vulnerability. And I see man stepping into his manhood and displaying it proudly all over his face for the world to see …

Hmmmmmmmmm (she ponders)


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