Tonights FULL moon …

moon 7

Just a little quicky about tonight’s full moon …

The moon controls our oceans and tides and human bodies are over 50% water, so its no surprise that the moon has a strong influence on our emotions

I just love the energy that swirls around a full moon and I’m very excited after reading a little about our Full Moon in Leo as Mercury is finishing Retrograde

This month is all about our creative self expression, love life and passions. Its about being the shining star that we are born to be

During Mercury in Retrograde some of us were given the PUSH we needed to help us make the necessary changes to create the life we want

Hearing from a past love and my car breaking down were my kick starters

What was yours ?

“When synthesizing the energy of the full moon in Leo with Mercury square to Uranus in Aries, we may be seeking freedom and independence in how we express ourselves creatively and authentically in our work. Or want to make significant changes or liberate ourselves from confining or controlling circumstances in either our careers or structures so we can align ourselves with what we enjoy and care about, and where our creative potential can shine best” (Carmen Di Luccio)

If you’re aligning with any of that, then this is when we start to get excited, because our energies are in sync with the universe and so its the right time to CREATE …

Reflect over …

What is your passion and hearts desire?

Where and how do you shine the brightest in your life?

What are the things you need to do that will help you to achieve your goals?

What changes need to be made in your life that will better support you to be successful?

How does your authenticity and creative expression better serve the greater good?

Enjoy your evening … I know I will

(っ”)っ ♥ ☆★☆♥

moon dance

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