The Quest of a Warrior Woman


What is a Warrior Woman ?

A warrior woman is not WHAT she does it is WHO she is …

She is a woman who makes a conscious decision to take control of her own life

She creates positive changes for herself and for her loved ones

She defends core feminine values and serves to empower others

She is strong, independent, ambitious and honorable

She is willing to fight with relentless perseverance for her principles regardless of the outcome

She leads, mentors, encourages, inspires and motivates others

She is soft, sensitive and compassionate

She is highly spirited and expresses herself freely

She knows her words are powerful and uses her voice

She has a “can do” attitude and overcomes obstacles

She falls , but rises bigger, stronger, brighter and more determined each time

She stands on a mountain of spiritual integrity and understands her mission is to serve the greater good

She walks the difficult path of challenging cultural views, unsatisfied by the comfort of status quo

She is resilient and confident

She views adversity as grand opportunities for growth

The warrior woman lives inside ALL of us

She IS your strength and courage to be ALL you can be

To be a warrior we must be willing to change how we see ourselves

Who are YOU ?

So, with that in mind I reflected over my “Get fit and fabulous at 40” quest and thought to myself, how boring and cliche that sounded, which is everything I am not. So, I decided to write about my journey of transformation in the way I feel it. Telling my story, which is about so much more than changing the way I look

❤ I am here to be the best version of myself ❤

As strange as it may sound I can pin point the exact moment in time when I knew my life was going to take a completely different course. I didn’t know why it was happening, I had no clue about how it was going to happen and I had no idea where I was going. I just felt the change in myself. A change that put my in a sudden state of panic

Ironically, it was pretty much to this exact same day 16 years ago. Around February 10th in the year 2000. The exact date is a little blurry because we had flown over to the UK for my Grandas funeral, who died a day before his 79th birthday. I was married with 3 small children and it was my first trip back home. Come to think of it, we also emigrated to Australia February 11th 1991, which was a another huge change in my life

Hardly surprising then, that its around this time again that I’m feeling yet another big shift happening in myself, only this time without the panic. This time I am excited because I know that even though its a place of uncertainty, change IS happening

When I first had this “feeling” back in 2000 I suffered from anxiety and had several panic attacks. It was a place that terrified me, yet something deep inside kept pushing me forward. I fell down into depression many times as I struggled to find my way. It was a very challenging few years because it was like breathing air that felt foreign yet familiar to me. My body reacted as if it was infected by some unknown virus

❤ It was the journey back to myself ❤

Many of us wander off track and loose ourselves. Sometimes we are influenced and drawn into worlds where we don’t really fit, as a result of the choices we have made. Choices that take us to a place where we feel like we are only existing. As if we are living someone elses life. A place where we have feelings of discontentment and a sense of emptiness inside

But … are we really swaying off our path of discovery ? Or are we choosing to walk those paths because they are important experiences for us to have ?

I think that those experiences provide us with the valuable lessons that we need

❤ I believe our choices are all part of our journey back to ourselves ❤


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