To mount Mary or Mikey ? … that is the quesiton


Mary and Mikey

Allow me to introduce Mary Poppins and Magic Mikey

Its week 4 of my ” changing habits. ” Still not sure what I actually want to call the process yet because “Get fit and fabulous at forty ” is too cliche. A warrior woman quest sounds like I’m traveling with hobbits and body transformation brings far too much pressure. So lets just figure it out as we go and hopefully something profound will come to mind

My 2 bikes may look the same, but they each give a slightly different experience

The cruiser style bike …

Mary got her name because the cruiser holds my body in a more upright position (when I’m not slouching), which distributes my weight more evenly. Depending on the mood of the day, depends on whether I hear the Mary Poppins or Wizard of Oz sound track. I feel more comfortable on her and I like how I’m better able to admire the scenery as I pedal. The basket up front can give me the wobbles and she has no gears, so she makes me work much harder, which isn’t such a bad thing (I suppose). Shes great for flat roads, fabulous going down hill (once you get the feel of the foot pedal brake and hand brake) but my legs still cant push her up those darn hills … but all in good time Tracey

The mountain and road style bikes …

Mikey seems to have lost his magic because his gears are dodgy and the brakes broke the other day (thank fook I wasn’t going down hill or it could have been disastrous). This style of bike puts my body in a bent over position, putting a lot of weight and pressure on my hands, which hurts. Hes a little higher than the cruiser, so getting on and off him in a hurry is a little tricky for someone like me, who isn’t overly confident on a bike to begin with. I feel awkward and clumsy (unlike other areas of my life where I’m totally graceful and dignified). Who am I kidding, I’m like the ugly ducking flapping her feathers like fuck. But as in the fairy tale she soon transforms into a beautiful white swan … right ?

The reality is a little more confronting ….


This image pretty much sums up how I feel. I wish I could say that I feel fit and fabulous, but the truth is I still feel fat and unfit. Every time I put on my silly little helmet and jump on the bike, I feel out of my comfort zone. Every time I get off the bike to push it up hill, I feel frustrated. Every time someone on a bike zooms past me, I feel slow. Every time I pass someone who looks me up and down, I feel less than. Every time I see someone snigger and smirk at me struggling (which isn’t often, thank fookness), I feel shame. Fortunately the majority of people are encouraging and the majority of the time I have a positive attitude and can laugh at myself, which makes it easier


I kinda lost my mojo in week 3 because of the crazy energies circling around new moon and my menstrual cycle. So I found it really tough to get up and out in between my nursing shifts, which is why being car less was definitely the right choice to make. Because like it or not 3 to 4 times a week, I am riding 5km and like it or not if I needed to go anywhere, I am walking or riding. So, even during my low motivation, bad attitude, carb and sugar blow outs, I still see and feel some positive changes in my body. Granted its been a little slower … but progress IS progress no matter how slow we go

Whenever I’m struggling with negative mood or thoughts, I take a deep breath, close my eyes and dig deep to find the inner warrior within …

… and she gives me the strength and courage to keep on going. She reminds me why I have chosen to focus on and prioritize my health and well being. She keeps pushing me forward because she knows I’m worth it

Given a choice I prefer to mount Mary Poppins, but I think we may need to introduce someone else and have ourselves a threesome (insert giggle). Ive decided that I want a cruiser bike with gears because I think it will encourage me to ride further if I’m more comfortable … its all about enjoying the ride after all

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