Calling ourselves out on our own BULL SHIT


Why does a man awaken a woman’s love, with no intentions of loving her in the way that she deserves to be loved ?

Is a question that’s often ran through my mind during my own heart breaks

Oh yes … I’ve allowed my heart to be abused in this way far too many times to mention, but I willingly walked into each and every experience. I chose to follow my heart and then carry it all the way into the depths of despair and desperation

Heart break at its finest

But ladies and gents … it’s time to take back our power and use the heart for the purpose it was created … to LOVE ❤

Maybe …  such men and women are providing us with a gift ?

What if they are awakening us to love ?

Maybe … its got very little to do with the other person at all ?

What if its teaching US to fall in love with the wonderful person that WE are ?

Hmmmmm she ponders

The time has come to rewrite the story about how and why our hearts are broken because I’m no longer buying in to my own bull shit

Lets change our experience of heart break and GROW from it, instead of being paralyzed and overwhelmed by our heart hurts and fears

After all … the gardens that grow best have been fertilized by some very good shit

For TOO long we’ve bought into the fairy tale stories about how the princess is rescued by her prince charming. That we are somehow less than if we are without a partner. But the truth is some women are warriors who are well equipped to handle challenges alone

These wild women refuse to compromise themselves or lower their expectations

… and why should they ?

Such women still open themselves up to love, but they wont hesitate to walk away from anything that causes ongoing conflict and discomfort because she isn’t afraid to walk the path alone, which is why such women are hard to hold onto

But when a romance is over, passions fade and truth sets in, we are thrown out of the fantasy and back into reality with a bang and we feel broken … but WHY ?

We are mature grown ups (most of the time) and acknowledge that not all connections turn into relationships and not all relationships last forever. So what prevents us from allowing the love to come and go as its meant to ?

Why dont we flow ?

What are we holding on to ?

and why the fuck dont we let go ?

Perhaps, its those once upon a time stories we’ve been sucked into and those old out dated scripts that we replay over and over in our minds. Thoughts that reaffirm our beliefs that when a connection changes or a relationship is over …

… that somehow we weren’t good enough or worthy

Well … I’m calling BULLSHIT !!!

Because WE are more than enough … ALL of us

We are ALL growing in love and we are ALL responsible for our own happiness

When we believe this to be true, we no longer hold another person responsible for our happiness and we then stop making someone else accountable for our hurts. We begin to take personal responsibility for our choices and start growing from our experience

We learn how to forgive those who hurt us and ourselves for hurting the one we love because we allow love to flow freely

Our hearts stay open, even when a connection changes or a relationship ends

We  AWAKEN to our truth and we BECOME the love

Sounds easy enough … right ?

Well … I guess that all depends on how much shit we are shoveling

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