The seduction of sleep …



Walking home on a cold grey winters morning
Fairy faint raindrops sprinkling down over my head
Cool crisp wind blowing onto my cheeks
The smell of earthy damp goodness in the air
Walking through the door
Honey … you’re home
The welcomed relief of ripping off my clothes
And jumping into a hot steamy shower
Water cascading over my curvy cool softness
Pouring onto my tired shoulders
Warming and massaging my aching muscles
Allowing the water to flow and fondle my skin
Blissing out on the luxury of hot running water
Gently drying off my body with a soft towel
Then crawling in between the sheets
After fantasizing about sleep all night long
Cool pillow cushioning my tired heavy head
Melting into the softness that is bed
Sheets caressing my warm naked flesh
Orgasmic bliss without sexual touch
Oh yesssssssss baby !!!!!

The seduction of SLEEP 😊

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