Let the universe guide you


I’m learning that the more I follow my heart, the easier I flow with my emotions, the more observant I am of my thoughts, the more I trust my instincts, the more my energy flows with universe and the more guided I am ❤

This morning I woke feeling unmotivated and emotional, so I decided to watch a movie because its usually a great way for me to release emotion. Browsing through the playlist I was drawn to “Equals” a futuristic film about the eradication of emotion. A brilliant story that helped me to process a tension within my own heart beautifully, which shifted my focus instead of dwelling in emotional confusion

The story is about how the “collective” live without feelings. Those diagnosed with a disease “SOS” (switched on syndrome) are treated with inhibitors to reduce emotion. Coupling is discouraged because that’s what obviously increases the symptoms of SOS, which are overwhelming emotions, unpredictable sensory experiences, difficulty concentrating, impulsivity, sensitivity, anxiety, depression, pain and acute behavioural chaos. All those wonderful human experiences to be embraced are denied because the “collective” seeks order. Order that is disrupted when people WAKE UP to their feelings and fall in love, which is punishable. Ever noticed how a great story will grab our attention when we are emotionally invested in it ☺

The couple who fall in love are disconnected from each other because during a medical she finds out she is pregnant (GASP). His heart is broken because he believes that he’s lost her forever, so he chooses to numb himself to the pain by taking the new found cure of emotion. She finds her way back to him but its too late because within a few hours he will only remember that he once loved her with no ability to “feel” the love they shared

  A story that got my mind ticking on both a personal and a collective level ❤

An accidental coincidence ?
Or divine guidance ?

This New moon in Cancer asks us to support our emotional needs by becoming more aware of those needs. Those of us with Cancer heavily in our natal charts will be feeling it the most. I’m Capricorn with Cancer rising, so my energy has been a buzz and this morning I was a beautiful mess. Energy that’s been intensified because the Goddesses are working on our Sacral chakra, which is our lower emotional center

Apparently the more centered we are in our Heart chakra (mother energy) the less likely we are to react from our lower emotional center, which is our Sacral chakra (inner child). This morning I acknowledged that my needs were not being met, which triggered a hurt and released some uncomfortable emotions.But by listening to my instincts I was guided towards something that supported me to flow with and process those emotions

At this time of month there is a lot of dark Goddess energy floating around (Lilith). Perhaps working through and clearing my own Lilith energy last month is helping me during this New Moon ? Lilith energy helps us to shine light on shadow and makes us take personal responsibility for it. She makes us see the truth of ourselves, of others and the world around us, which isn’t always a pleasant experience

But we aren’t able to CREATE new realities until we are able to SEE the truth

According to Tanishka the Goddess Aphrodite influences this energy point and she’s ALL about “relationship” with ourselves and others

The Sacral chakra is our E-motion heart space “feeling” centre, which governs our sexual and creative energy. So if we are experiencing any tensions and conflicts within our intimate relationships (either loving ourselves or others), if we are experiencing tensions around sex and love or if our creativity isn’t flowing then this is the energy center that may be blocked

To help activate energy flow in this area then we look into any issues around intimacy, sexuality, emotions, sensuality, commitment, security, honor, loyalty, fidelity and confidence

Accepting our emotions isn’t always easy because sometimes its uncomfortable and at times it can be fucking painful 💔 which is why many of us choose to deny, avoid, ignore and suppress our feelings. Especially when they involve our deepest darkest desires, which are usually connected to our fears and hurts. But when we finally ACCEPT and ALLOW our emotions to flow as they’re meant to, we start to release ourselves from any fears that are linked to our hurts

OPENING up our heart space to more LOVE ❤


I believe that our hearts break OPEN for a reason …

Learning how to “make peace with death cycles, losses, transitions and endings in our lives and to ultimately know their goodness, rightness and purposefulness” isn’t an easy lesson for us to learn but its how we learn to recognize when its time to let go of a person, a situation, a behaviour, a habit, an emotion or a belief and move onto NEW BEGINNINGS ❤

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