The shadey side of Miss Sunshine


Like you,
I’m not always full of positive vibes and smiles.

My eyes don’t always see the beauty and so my heart struggles to flow with love.

Sometimes my mood turns towards the darker shades of my personality.

Where my thoughts become distorted,
and my heart drifts away to alternate realities.

To the place where my actions are sinfully disgraceful and my behaviour blissfully immoral.

Where the shadiest parts of my soul continue to tempt me towards the darker side.

To the place where all my wrongs are righteous and my mistakes are celebrated.

Part of my character that holds the complete truth and nothing but the ugly truth.

Once upon a time, the darker shades of myself brought nothing but shame and suffering.

But the more of me I share, the more I liberate myself from all that I am most afraid of.

For beauty lies in our ability to dance naked as we burn in the passions of who we really are.

Fearless in our pursuit for the kind of love that liberates us from ourselves

Mindful interaction ❤

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