Being different means you’re brave enough to BE yourself


She was the child who never held back,
paying no attention to who was judging her.
The young girl who expressed herself freely,
no matter how messy she got.

Tantrums and tears
Questions and curiosities
Pleasures and pains

Whatever she thought
However she felt

With no inhibitions,
she felt completely safe … to just BE

Then life grabbed a hold of her by the heart

Choking and squeezing
Restricting and limiting
Preventing and controlling

Slowly suffocating her into a state of suffering

Social expectations forcing her to conform.
Generations of cultural influences,
that kept holding her back.

Playing it small

Until the warrior within began to stir

Inviting in experiences that challenged her

Attracting what she needed to break free from the illusions

Opening up to the promise of more

The thinker began to think
The dreamer began to dream
The lover began to love
The seeker began to seek
The explorer began to explore

Tracey, you live in your own fantasy world
Tracey, you dont see things like everyone else
Tracey, you are selfish
Tracey, you expect too much
Tracey, you need to put it into the right perspective
Tracey, you need to stop thinking too much
Tracey, you need to be more realistic
Tracey, you dont need to share everything

When you hear these things over and over again.
Enough times, from enough people,
you begin to question yourself.

You start to wonder,
Whats wrong with me ?

Doubts that have fed my fears and starved my dreams

Truth is,
I DO live in my own fantasy world
I DON’T see things like everyone else
I DO expect the best from others and myself

I DON’T believe that I need to put things into perspective
Because when I put my experience into perspective,
I’m comparing my experience to others,
which prevents me from fully flowing with my own experience.

I DON’T believe that I think too much.
Because my mind is the instrument I use to process information.
And the more I open my mind and observe my thoughts,
the more productive my thinking becomes.

I DON’T believe that I need to be more realistic.
Because my reality IS different to yours.

And my sharing is a personal choice

” When you are born in a world you dont fit in,
its because you were born to help create a new one.”

Mindful interaction ❤

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