Feeling safe to be ALL of who I am

I’m a woman who loves freely and easily, but I fall in love with few. Over the years of heart ache and disappointments I’ve learned to rely on myself for a sense of security. Mostly, to avoid more disappointment and save my tender heart from more hurt. In truth, I find it challenging to fully open with a man. I will resist relying on him and struggle to need him.

Then he came along and changed everything.

During the most stormy times of my life he’s been an anchor. His consistent effort keeps showing me how much he values my love. I not only feel safe in his arms, my heart feels safe.

A feeling that continues to open me up to a deeper sense of intimacy. Depths I haven’t yet shared in relationship, so I can often feel a sense of discomfort and struggle to breathe.

During my emotional storms, I unconsciously push and pull. Yet he stands, nonreactive to the chaos. Loving me through the wild layers and waiting to hold me when I fall out of the storm.

I often retreat back into myself to explore the fear that rises or the wound that weeps. As I try to gain a sense of balance within myself, he gives me the time and space I need to do this.

The safer I feel, the more trust I have in him

As a strong independant woman, I’m not always an easy woman to love, but I’m a woman worth loving. Because when I feel safe enough to fully open up my heart, we can share an extraordinary love that has the capacity to create new realities and change our worlds.

The kinda sacred love with divine purpose ❤

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