The journey


Life … its all about the journey

Full of experiences to be enjoyed, lessons to learn, problems to solve, love and laughter to share and challenges to overcome.

Although my family and I have been on one hell of a rollercoaster ride. Ever since Dad’s cancer diagnosis a year ago. As a family, we continue to flow through life with a sense of gratitude that often amazes people.

So, I wondered to myself 🤔

Where do we get the strength from ?

I believe …

That as a family we are stronger TOGETHER

Because …

First and foremost, we all appreciate and celebrate our differences. We understand that neither of us are perfect, nor expect each other to be. We are forgiving of one anothers stumbles because we understand the need to learn and grow. We are brutally honest with ourselves and each other because we value truth. We look upon life as a blessing. But most of all we LOVE one another deeply ❤

As I reflect, a beautiful story begins to emerge

The Mother, who is the heart of family and the COMPASS that guides us home, as we strive to balance our inner feminine energy.

The Father, who is the mind of the family and the THINKER that keeps us grounded, as we strive to balance our inner masculine energy.

And the Sisters, who are the bones 😊

Each one an important part of the individual

The back bone, who encompasses the strength that is the LOVE within us.

The wish bone, who encompasses the hope that is the LIGHT within us.

The funny bone, who encompasses the humor that is the LAUGHTER within us.

I believe …

That as a family, we come to offer something of value to YOU ☺

A reminder of how each and everyone of us brings something of value to one another. That even during our biggest fears, deepest wounds and greatest challenges, we ALL have the ability to RISE, HEAL and SHINE.

I strongly believe …

That there’s beauty in ALL of life experiences


Sometimes we need to look a little harder to see the BEAUTY in the midst of chaos.

Sometimes we need to dig a little deeper to find the BLESSING during our challenges.

Sometimes we need to break open a little more to feel the LOVE when it hurts to breath.

Sometimes we need to think very differently to be GRATEFUL for the struggle.

But I believe …

That the more we fully SURRENDER to life, the less resistance we have to the flow. Afterall, we are a part of Nature and the energy of Universe flows through our very being. We are the LIGHT and LOVE with an ability to CREATE the change that we seek ❤

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