The struggle is real


It’s OK to admit when we’re struggling.

I don’t believe that any of us should feel the need to prove that everythings going well all of the time.

Truth is,

We DO struggle with our challenges.

It’s the reason WHY it is a challenge.

I believe,

That strength isn’t pretending to be strong when we feel the most afraid. It’s having the courage to fully flow with our experience. To open up our hearts and sit with the rawness of our feelings.

Allowing emotion to rise and fall.

Sometimes we DON’T feel OK

Truth is,

It’s scary to confront our fears, it hurts to feel the agonizing grief of our losses and it’s painful when our hearts break.

And nothing about that feels OK

But I do believe,

That our greatest challenges are opportunities for transformation, which requires complete honesty.

Although its difficult to accept what is and SURRENDER to the flow. It’s essential to acknowledge that our tensions and struggles are a neccessary part of our souls growth.

Appreciating that my triggers and conflicts are rarely about the surface issue, and more about my own unhealed wounds. Guides me through those times when I struggle most with my challenges.

Truth is,

I’m not always OK and that’s OK

Mindful interaction ❤

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