Holding onto what matters most


Last week I made an appointment for Dad to see the Doc and went to the calender to write down the time. I hadn’t noticed this until then, but his words touched my heart deeply.

Throughout Mam’s cancer journey our hearts ached and our guts twisted, as we witnessed our parent’s holding onto one another. A love that both warmed and broke our hearts 💔

Still coming to terms with Mam’s death, we’re also confronted by the heaviness of Dad’s grief and his battle with cancer, that continues.

Sometimes I wonder WHY ?
Sometimes all I can do is cry !!!

YES, I know that I have so many blessings to be grateful for, but life is challenging me in all directions and I’m so very fucking tired 😔

So, I remind myself that what doesn’t kill us can only make us stronger (or) perhaps part of us must die, in order to grow into the person we are to become?

Sometimes all we can do is hold onto those things that matter most to us.


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