Conversations with my Dad


Its another rainy day here …

Although I’d prefer to be snuggled up in the arms of the man I love. And Dad would prefer to have his beloved wife in his loving arms.

Its just Dad and I ❤

He had a rough night last night because his heart was hurting, missing Mam. He has alot of nights like that and there’s nothing we can do to take the hurt in his heart away 💔

This morning we’ve been talking …

About how he now FEELS his way through life more than he used to. Ho does so because his cancer treatment influences his hormones.

Prostrate cancer feeds and grows off testosterone, so medication is used as a chemical castrator. Something that gives rise to multiple physical and emotional challenges.

Dad has three daughters, so he’s no stranger to emotional sensitivities, but this experience gives him new insights into how women FEEL more than think through our heart break challenges.

Something I like to talk about, is how our social conditioning impacts on us.

I’m a woman who thinks alot about how she feels and Dad’s learning to allow his feelings to flow into thoughts. So we’ve been having some very interesting conversations ☺

Today, I’ve shared some of my heart break experiences with my Dad for the first time. Dad has shared some of his thoughts and feelings and we’ve talked about our grieving process.

Rainy days are such wonderful opportunities to connect and share with those we love ❤

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