Soul work requires the vulnerability of truth


In the heaviness of her grief, she spoke the truth that surfaced from within the dark depths of her broken heart. Knowing it was the only way she could live an authentic life.

More aware of her seasons, reasons and lifetimes, she either opened up to or pushed people away. Knowing in time, it would determine who was meant to stay or be released from her life.

No matter how much pain it caused her to keep an open heart and mind, she refused to give into her fears. Knowing that her greatest adventure was awaiting on the path she couldn’t yet see.

She has the heart of a warrior

Generous with her love and forgiving of heart, but she’s no longer the fool in love. While her heart is hurting, she protects what’s sacred to her. Knowing that not everyone serves her growth or healing.

She feels the devastating discomforts of heartache, but refuses to be the victim and fall into the abyss of her pain. Knowing that it’s her own choices that liberates her from suffering.

As she continues to navigate through the dark night of her soul, she walks with grace. Guided by the energies of Universe that flow. Knowing that this is the path she was destined to walk.

Releasing herself from the old story, she lets go of the men causing the conflict within her heart. Knowing neither of them were the beloved, who could dive into the depths and surrender to love.

In her solitude she is becoming more soulful in her purpose. She falls, but each time she rises stronger than before. And she knows that the love she is yearning for is seeking her too.

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