Let the healing begin


Falling in love is easy
Living in love is challenging
Growing together in love is rare
Forever the hopeful kinda gal
I trust that the one for me is on his way
But for now its me, myself and I time (AGAIN)
Yes …
My heart feels the sadness of loss
My mind keeps replaying the what ifs
I feel the sting of rejection
I feel the wound of abandonment
But I realize that my conflictions in love
And the way my relationship ended
Intensifies my grief
The loss of my beloved Mother
Sits at the core of my hurt
Some days my thoughts drive me crazy
Some days my heart ache is unbearable
But each day I have a choice
Most days I choose to focus on the healing
Consciously aware of myself
I observe the thoughts that flow
I feel the emotions that rise and fall
Other days
I fall into the depths of my despair
Knowing no one can save me from this
On those difficult days I remind myself
That this is important work for my soul
That our healing matters to this world
Sometimes all I can DO is breathe
Either overwhelmed
Messy thoughts and heavy emotions
Or empty and numb
Each day is different and that’s OK
If you are choosing to heal your wounds
Trust the process
Don’t give up on yourself
Because YOU are worthy of love ❤

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