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I have no shame in admitting I enjoy both masturbation and sex. So, I'm always open to learn new skills and techniques to enhance pleasure. When this first popped up in my newsfeeds a couple of years ago. I had plans to explore it then, but was distracted by multiple other projects. So, when it popped up in my newsfeeds yesterday, I clicked, paid and started on the first technique last night.

What is it ?

It's a modern interactive learning tool, that teaches different masturbation techniques to enhance sexual pleasure for women. It's useful for both women and men, either single or in relationships. It's a great way to learn from the privacy of your own home …. and it's affordable !!!

£29 gives you information on 12 different masturbation techniques. You probably already use some of them, but the variations may offer a new and improved experience.

Each technique has a reading to describe it and 3 short videos from 3 different women, who share a variation on the same technique. The women then demonstrate it for you and their vagina is simulated, to give you the opportunity to virtually practice the technique. Then you try it out on yourself or together with your partner.

I like the way they've put this learning tool together. It's refreshing to see women openly talking about sexual pleasure. But for some, it may be a little confronting to look at and to virtually stimulate another woman's clitoras.

As a nurse I've lost count of how many genitalia I've seen, so it's just another learning tool. But as a women, I have and do fantasize. So the sexual component of this learning tool is arousing, so be prepared to feel stuff.

I believe we NEED more of this and less porn. Because this offers a much more realistic and loving approach to sex, which enhances pleasure, deepens intimacy and improves the quality of our relationships.

I'm sharing because I hope women want to explore their own bodies and learn how to increase their own pleasure without shame.

I'm sharing because I hope men want to learn and explore how to pleasure their lover, which ultimately increases pleasure for both.

I'm sharing because not everyone is comfortable talking about sex. So it's a non confrontational approach and it can be your own private journey to explore.

You're welcome 😊 …. and ENJOY ❤

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