When our world shatters, we’re forced to create a new one


Sometimes I feel abit like a wild animal. A woman held captive by the limitations of her own mind for too long. So, the new found sense of freedom to explore and create can frighten me. As I step out of a familiar way of thinking, into the unknown parts of my consciousness.

What is freedom ?

For me, it’s breaking away from the old story, so I can flow towards creating a new one. It’s being totally unashamedly ME. It’s heeding the call to serve the greater good and realizing my fullest potential. It’s listening to the whisperings of sprit and my soul. It’s opening up my mind to different perspectives. It’s coming to deeper understandings and expanding my consciousness. It’s following my heart and staying open to love, even when it’s uncomfortable to do so. It’s being true to my own healing and growth. It’s sharing my kinda magic with the world. It’s creating new and wonderful realties. It’s trusting the process of change. It’s a journey I don’t always understand, but one I must take.

Truth is, when it comes to matters of the heart, I don’t always feel so bold and brave. There’s always a degree of fear and doubt whenever I walk the path, open up my heart and share my uglier, messier, conflicting and sometimes challenging truths. Yet, I do it anyways because I’m learning to trust the flow, as I drift a little more purposefully through life.

As I become more observant of my thoughts and more aware of my feelings as they flow. I notice how I’m often triggered into a state of fear, and how that then makes me feel and behave. Sometimes I don’t communicate my truth so well because like you, I’m an ongoing work in progress and forever learning about love and life.

My greatest challenge is flowing with my own truth, without falling into the despair of collective truth. This is the old story, that limits us and keeps us stuck in our grief and suffering because we focus on the loss. It’s a place where we “MISS” so more than the ones we love. It’s a state of mind that holds others and circumstance responsible for our own happiness. I believe this to be the source of our suffering and where we give our power to flow and create magic away.

As I flow a little more mindfully through my days, I acknowledge that in every moment, I have a choice to either feed my fears (or) shine my light and BE love. I accept that sometimes I choose fear because I need to go there. Appreciating thay my most challenging days have more to teach me than my good days.

Dad’s cancer diagnosis and the loss of Mam shattered my world and changed life as I once knew it. Living the life I am is changing how I experience myself in the world. How I think, percieve, feel and experience life is changing. As I release myself from the old story, a new one is guiding me. I’m learning to TRUST in love and life again and have more FAITH in Universe and the greater good.

As I sit in the garden with my client, reflecting over my life choices, my relationships and the conversations I have. I’m soaking up the sunshine, listening to the music playing, noticing my client’s light shining a little brighter every day and I’m reminded how our freedom to just BE who we are can influence others.

Mindful interaction ❤

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