BURN baby burn ðŸ”¥


YES, my heart fucking frets because I’m going through challenging times !!!

YES, its not fucking easy supporting our Dad through chemo so soon after loosing Mam !!!

YES, I’m annoyed about going back into a system that frustrates the fuck out of me !!!

YES, I’m fucking freaking out about going for more tests on my breast on Friday !!!

YES, I’m hurt because the man I love has told me, I want more than he can fucking give me !!!

YES, I want to scream and fucking shout !!!

YES, I’m absofrigginfookinbloodylooty feeling the fucking struggle to surrender to what IS !!!

But deep down in my guts, I know Universe is supporting my growth. So, if I need to burn to the fucking ground, then I’ll fucking burn !!!

Then watch me fucking RISE up !!!!!!!!

NO !!!

I’m not gonna fall into a whimpering fucking mess because I’m not a fucking damsel in distress. I’m gonna get ready for orientation and get the fuck on with my life !!!

I’m a god damn warrior of fucking LOVE 💔

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