Life is a daring adventure


I’m not the same woman I once was
Once upon a time
I mostly travelled in my dreamings
Creating vision boards
Imagining all the places I wanted to see
Pondering over all the things I wanted to do
My adventures were limited to a budget
Because I held onto a limited belief
“To be able to go SEE and DO
I needed to have plenty of money”
But the more I liberate myself
From the limitations of my mind
The less limited I feel
Although I’m still well aware of my limitations
I think very differently these days
I don’t need plenty of money to see or do
The only thing I need is COURAGE
And a sense of humour …
I checked my bank balance afew days ago
And seen a grand total of 6pence
Having spent the majority of life in Australia
My mind automatically seen it as 6cents
And recognized the reference to 6th sense
Instead of freaking out
I laughed out loud
As spirit communicates with me
Universe shares a joke
Truth is,
Not only did I take a leap of faith
To create a life in the UK
This is the 3rd time I’ve lept
And its had an impact
On me and my bank balance
Life has challenged my trust
Loss has tested my faith
Yet here I am
With 6p in the bank
Still living the dream
Why ?
Because I have the courage
To BELIEVE in something far greater than me
And as my thinking changes
So do my experiences
As my energy reflows, so does the money
Inspiration is flowing
Contracts are coming
New possibilities are presenting
I know in my heart
That I’m destined for great things 
Truth is,
We ALL are !!!
I’m not sharing this for pity nor praise
I share my experiences to inspire others
To break free from their own limitations
So we can all shine 🌟

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