FULL MOON reflections …


I am an open book and share many of my personal challenges. I openly share because by nature, I am an expressive woman. Both writing and conversation is how I process my own experiences, which deepens my understanding.

I have no shame in who I am, what I think, how I feel or what I do. I have nothing to hide, but like you, at times I hold parts of myself back

Some of my experiences are only mine …

Sometimes Iife takes me in new directions, that I must live before I’m ready to share with others. Sometimes I must sit alone with my discomforts, doubts, fears and uncertainties until they make a little more sense to me.

Some of my experiences are only mine …

Sometimes I reflect over my sweet moments in private. Sometimes I explore different depths and dimensions of myself with no need to share. Sometimes I feel called to explore alternative realities and drift between worlds. 

Some of my experiencs are only mine …

Sometimes thoughts run through my mind and words fall away into wide open spaces, holding no other purpose than to flow. Sometimes feelings rise and fall, loosing intensity because they have no further meaning. Sometimes my words have no thoughts or feelings attached to them because they have come from spirit.

Some of my experiences are only mine …

According to the star gazers, this Full Moon is the best time to focus on any new projects, plans and possibilities we’ve been flowing with.

So, we ask ourselves, what action can I take towards manifesting the dream into a reality?

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