What does a conscious woman want ?


It was a FULL MOON last night and it fell on Equinox. I fell asleep feeling completely drained. My energy was at ground zero. Then I awoke feeling somewhat reflective. So I wrote …

As an awakening conscious woman, I’m often misunderstood. Truth is, how can you know who I am and what I want, when my own understanding of self is forever changing and expanding?

I no longer align with out dated beliefs about the happily ever after fairytale kinda love. The Damzel in distress is no longer waiting for her knight in shining armour to rescue her. Our stories are changing. We are exploring our distress.

What does a conscious woman want ?
What does an awakened woman need ?

She wants you to drop the defences and needs you to be fully PRESENT with her in the moment, even when the moment is messy. The woman who loves YOU wants you to get out of your head, step into your heart and share your truth with her.

She doesn’t want to avoid your shadow !!!

She wants to bring all doubt, fear, insecurity, grief, anxiety and wounds to the surface to be seen. She wants to see ALL of you and she needs you to see ALL of her. So that the energy of love can be fully expressed through you.

She wants you to OPEN up your heart

She doesn’t need a relationship to feel loved, nor does she need a man to complete her. She SELF loves and balances her own energies to feel whole. And she wants to be in relationship with a man who does this too.

She believes that love isn’t something to be found, but an expression of SELF

A conscious woman won’t need you but if she CHOOSES to walk through life with you, then you will experience the magic with her.

… and NEW stories will be written ❤

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