LOVE is a state of being with life


LOVE is a state of being and a relationship with life. I came to this realization awhile ago, but it’s been a challenging truth to accept because my journey with love hasn’t been an easy road. I’ve been blessed with the love of many men, but I’ve also endured the sting and aches of many heart breaks over the years. Yet I still believe in love ❤

Because those who have let me down, hurt and disappointed me have been the mirrors and reflections I needed to BE the love I seek. This is why I don’t fear failing in relationship

Although I’m open to explore clicks and connections, I’ve never looked for love (lovers yes, love no). It’s my intention to be the love I seek from other because I want to experience less attachment and deeper connections.

I am a seeker of deeper truths 😊

Love flows freely from me, so YES I do fall in love easily because I feel genuine love for everyone I meet. Truth be told I fall in love with those who share a piece of their heart and soul with me, whether man, woman, young or old.

However, I don’t commit to relationships so easily because I value my time and energy. I don’t need to be in a relationship because I’m not afraid to be alone. As a writer, I’ve learnt the value of my solitude and at times I crave it. But I am always open to learn from love

Openness to love means allowing life to touch our hearts. Learning from ALL of our intimate relationships with everyone and allowing our hearts to break open to deeper truths. So, my relationship status is OPEN because I’m either single, open to explore connections or I’m in a committed relationship, open to grow together in love.

LOVE is our greatest teacher in life ❤

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