What makes YOU happy ?


Happiness is no longer my goal in life …


Regardless of being single or IN relationship, I’ve never bought into the “he’s my other half” and “he completes me” bullshit. I apologize if that offends any of you who are living that truth, but it needs to be said. So, if I haven’t pissed you off too much and you’re still reading, thank you for keeping an open mind.

Regardless of our gender or sexual orientation, we all have masculine and feminine energy flowing within us. And when these energies aren’t balanced, we can experience more inner tension and external conflicts in relationship.

What is the relationship with yourself like ?

I notice how I sometimes struggle with myself when I’m alone, especially when I’m feeling sad and lost. My inner child wants to be comforted by her Mother and to feel safe with her Father. So, when neither my Mam nor Dad are there for comfort or security, my inner Eve seeks it from her partner. When she doesn’t have a partner (or) if her partner isn’t fully present for her, then she feels a sense of lacking, which intensifies her sadness and she feels abandoned.

These are the tensions I lean into 😊

Hence why I was guided to reconnect with my inner Goddess and work through Tanishka’s sacred union meditations. I want to improve the quality of my sacred relationship with SELF.

I’ve just wrapped up the first of our 7 energy centres, which is the base/root chakra, where we experience and express our inner Lilith and Pan, which is our inner WILD man and woman.

Primal and passionate, they stay true to their heart’s desire and have a strong connection to Nature. I can’t speak for Pan, but Lilith flows with the moon cycles and seasonal changes.

This is the part of us who stands confidently in our truth, even if it means standing alone. The part of us who refuses to hide and surpress the truth of who we are. The part of us who rises above the shame and guilt and says …

I am who I am and I am worthy of love

Rejecting and surpressing parts of who we are is how our shadow is created, which is why I’m so passionate about expressing my truth.

When our shadow grows, so does the darkness

Truth is, I may have a positive attitude but I still struggle with negative thoughts. I may have a cheerful personality, but I still suffer from dark moods. I neither reject nor surpress this truth.

I allow the thoughts and emotions to flow, but I no longer attach to them. I believe I am more than the thoughts I think and emotions I feel.

I am a beautiful BEing of love and light

My inner Lilith is well grounded and stands so much more confidently in her truth. She puts the whooo in my Arrrrwhoooooooooo 🤣

Now, to move up to the sacral chakra, where my inner Aphrodite is awaiting my attention 😊

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