Conversations with spirit


Wishclocks are significant to me, so  I take notice when they blow into my life.

The 1st time it happened I was in the UK, sitting in the pub garden, writing a postcard to  Kerry. As I finished the sentence “Mam would want us to keep living and loving” a dandelion wishclock seed landed onto the postcard, right next to my pen. The first word that popped into my mind was “Mam”? Then I sat back in my chair and I thought “you’re just hoping it is” and   as that doubting thought left my mind, a small white feather floated down from the sky, right in front of my face and onto my lap.

The 2nd time it happened was last week (1st Nov) while I was editing a blog I wrote 2 years ago. A blog I wrote on Halloween night 2017 while sat at my Mam’s bedside. A blog about a conversation with death. A blog I never shared because within moments my truth changed. While I was re-reading the blog for the 10th time, a tiny something flew past my face and into my top. When I looked inside, there was a tiny wishclock seed on my bra next to my heart. The first word to pop into my mind was “Mam”? but this time there was no doubt, but another word “intentions”? So, I wrote in my journal, clarifying my intentions for writing and sharing the blog.

The 3rd time it happened was afew days later, today (Nov 4th), while I was writing in my journal about my suicidal thoughts. I picked up my phone to finish reading an article about suicide and noticed the time was 3.33, so I googled 333 to remind myself what it meant. Intuitively clicking on the link that felt right …

“A sign to speak your truth by expressing your authentic self. The Universe is guiding you to use your voice to express your emotions, or put your feelings into words that are in harmony with your soul. It is when you speak your truth that you support your soul and find inner peace.” I finished reading it and lifted my head, and a wishclock seed came flying into my face. It came at me with such force, I leaned back in surprise.

I refer to myself as being, the Wish Bone Sister, but in truth, I haven’t been feeling my usual magical self. I’m struggling with my thoughts and feel kinda lost inside of myself. Maybe that’s why Mam choose the wishclock ? Perhaps she’s reminding me to not loose sight of the magic ?

Since Mam’s passing she finds different ways to reach me when I need her most. I only need to stay open and notice when she does. Whenever spirit connects with me I get goosybump feel goods, but I notice how I weep whenever it’s Mam. I suppose it’s a natural bodily response to a child missing her Mother. But it brings me comfort knowing that in some way, she’s still with us. Reminding me that everything is as it should be, no matter how hard it is.

I love you Mam 💗

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