Love and Sex


Lets talk SEX and LOVE …because lets face it we all need and want it in some shape or form … in reference to the previous posts about food and unmet needs it turns out I didn’t need a sandwich but I did need to shave (insert mischievous wink)

Well … the professional helper did state that she was going to get personal about her habits and so here comes Sister Disgrace at her best. After her recent heartbreak she has spent the last week in the throws of her misery and despair, grieving the loss of her love AGAIN .. yes folks this woman has already been through the heartbreak twice before with the same man …

Fool me once … shame on you

Fool me twice … shame on me

Fool me thrice … you’re a dick and I’m the fool

Having been here before, I asked myself ´how long do I sit around in woe is me and continue to make myself miserable´ ? … or do I decide to just pick myself back up and carry on living ? .. say enough is ENOUGH because TOO many tears have already been cried and TOO much suffering has already been endured ? … Lets opt for LIVING shall we because its much more productive, not to mention satisfying … but HOW does one pick themselves back up after their hearts have been broken ?

Well … that will depend on the person but for me its about focusing on my own needs … and after 6 months of abstaining from sex because of my love for a man living at the other side of the world … lets start by LOVING myself and fulfilling my need for SEX (insert wink and smile)

Ahh yes the old habit of casual sex rears its delightful head … I’m sure the moral police are pointing their fingers and shaking their heads in disgust, as they continue reading in great anticipation about what might be disclosed next … those who believe that sex should be between 2 people who love each other are absolutely right. Granted that’s preferable even in my disgraceful world BUT being single doesn’t automatically make us nuns (insert snigger)

Sex is one of our very basic needs and yet its disregarded and pushed aside all TOO often. I’ve seen this part of a human experience denied and ignored in Aged Care, as if we turn a certain age and the need for sex just turns off … BULL SHIT !!! … I’ve personally experienced the shame put onto those of us who have healthy sexual appetites, who choose to fulfill that need instead of denying ourselves just because we are not in a loving relationship.

So long as sex is between 2 consensual adults then what’s the problem ? … is there a problem with having a healthy sex life when we are old or if we are single ?

MORE to follow …

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