The Internet Dating Experience

Online Dating

WELCOME … to the world of online dating. A place where the players play, the chasers chase, the lovers love, the cheaters cheat, the talkers talk and the watchers watch.

The internet has become a habit for most of us, so its no surprise that online dating has become so popular. Being someone who loves human behavior I find this world to be quite fascinating and I must admit that I do enjoy playing my part in it. But that’s what online dating has always been for me, a playground of sorts. Although I’m always open to love and I do seek genuine connections, its not a place I go looking for love. Its a place I’ve gone in the past to find myself and to identify what I like and don’t like in a man, a place to seek different experiences with people I would usually never had crossed paths with, a place for wonderful new adventures with like minded people, a place for fun and good times. So its no surprise that when I’m ready to be back in the game, that I find myself back on the playground (insert cheeky smile).

We live in a time of technology and so dating has become more like social networking. We browse the web to find the right site, we browse the profiles to find the right look, we browse the chats to find the right connection. But is it really any different to enjoying a night out at the pub ? … apart from being able to move through the process of elimination at lightening speed and disconnect from the jerks instead of being harassed by unwanted sexual advances all night … Oh yes, online dating does have its perks.

After a break up are we broken hearted or is our ego just bruised ?… because lets be brutally honest, when someone decides that you’re just not worth fighting for anymore, our ego feels it as much as our hearts do. So lets face it, multiple men seeking our attention does rub ones ego … So while we heal our broken hearts by pouring self love back in, what better place to rub ones shattered ego than on an online dating site ?

But please proceed with CAUTION !!!!


… because not ALL people are who they claim to be


… not ALL people will comfortably express their truth, exposing only parts of themselves


… and the biggest mistake people make is having unrealistic expectations about the playground


SO, take Sister Disgrace´s advice …

  • be YOURSELF by being honest and open about who you are
  • be aware of your NEEDS and be honest and open about what you want
  • be PREPARED by understanding how the games are played on the playground
  • be PRESENT and just enjoy connecting and meeting new people
  • and let the FUN begin !!!!

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