What is LOVE ? ? ?

what is love

Seeking truths, finding answers and coming to new understandings is all about asking the right questions, and being the curious woman I am, I LOVE questions … So, I get very excited when people ask me those important and meaningful questions that make me STOP and REFLECT

“What is LOVE to you” ? …

 … was the question my Mam asked me during a recent conversation we were having about my love life

Being a woman who has loved many I sometimes struggle to understand who, why, when and how I love the men in my life … My automatic response was, “it varies and has multiple levels”, which only caused even more confusion (insert giggle)

So, I pondered and gave the question some more thought, because even though I have an inner knowing about my feelings and experiences around love, it wasnt so easy to explain

what is love1

LOVE … means many different things to many different people, and it’s a feeling that’s often difficult to describe and explain … so this is my attempt of explaining what love means to me

For me, the love I have for my children is the DEEPEST and TRUEST love I’ve ever experienced … it’s a love and connection that remains strong, regardless of time and space … Theres something kind of wonderful about making, carrying and raising a child … But, however prepared we may think we are, nothing quite compares us for this journey … Like many of us, I tend to learn most from the experiences as they unfold … Motherhood definitely continues to be my biggest teacher and lesson of unconditional love


 For me, the love I feel for my family remains CONSTANT and CONSISTENT, regardless of challenges and conflicts … Although our life experiences often result in uncomfortable changes, there’s always been a sense of acceptance and respect for our differences and who we are as individuals … The love of family provides me with a strong sense of connection, comfort and security and continues to be my biggest teacher and lesson on attachment


For me, the love I feel for my friends also remains CONSTANT, but challenges and conflicts often CHANGES our connection … Some friendships fade, while others strengthen and deepen … Over the years my circle of friendship continues to change as we do, but when a strong connection is formed, it’s usually a forever kind of bond … Friendship continues to be my biggest teacher and lesson in diversity


My experience of romantic love has been and continues to be FOREVER CHANGING, based on my own growth and therefore dependant upon my own wants, needs and expectations … I’ve been doing ALOT of reflecting upon my previous heart connections as I focus on understanding myself and healing heart hurts … My romantic and intimate connections continues to be my biggest teacher and lesson in self-love

Why do we fall in love ?


Understanding why our hearts connect with someone is the key that unlocks deeper understandings into ourselves, and why we therefore choose a certain relationship

… which leads me to SELF LOVE

self love

I used to believe that I didn’t fall in love easily, which isn’t true … I actually fall in love often and love LOTS of things about life … because for me, love isn’t just about the feelings between a man and a woman … love is whatever is in my heart …

listen to your heart

… and I hold ALOT of love for MANY different things in my heart

I hold the love for my nearest and dearest … and fall in love with them more with each passing year … because the more experiences we share together, the more depth and substance it gives our connection

I hold the love for my passions and interests … because they are what give my life meaning and provides me with a sense of purpose

I hold love for people … for all those who are brave enough to be themselves, in a world trying to make them something else … for all those who pay it forward … for all those suffering and for all those aspiring

I hold love for the magic and wonderful wildness of nature and animals … every time I’m confronted with something beautiful … and each time I’m reminded that I’m guided and supported by the universe … I fall in love with life that little bit more

  BUT … I’ve always been my biggest critic and therefore havent really loved myself in the way I truly deserve … my understanding of self-love has and continues to change ALL of my experiences … which at times can be confronting, challenging and uncomfortable … because to love ourselves more, we must be willing to LET GO of everything that holds us back from doing so (people, things, beliefs etc.)

Love Quotes 3

 LOVE is true when its unconditional

LOVE feels secure when its constant and consistent

Challenges and conflicts changes our LOVE connections

LOVE is forever changing depending upon wants, needs and expectations


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