Awakening …


CHANGE was something that made me feel uncomfortable … but WHY ? ? ?

Because I grew up in the UK where nothing much changed, so I felt very protected and safe surrounded by familiarity and security. My first BIG change happened when I was 17 years old, when I emigrated to Australia with my family. It was a shock to the system and wasnt experienced as a positive, because I struggled to find my way and lost myself in the process of change

Hence, my fear of change …

When we choose to live a more conscious life then one thing is for certain, change will be consistent. I can honestly say that I no longer fear change … I CRAVE it !!!


I’ve been doing what I do best … REFLECTING, because for the past few months I’ve been moving through experiences of depression and anxiety, which is a perfectly natural response when confronted with some harsh truths about our “reality”

I had plans and a direction I was moving towards, but every time I think I’ve got it right, life seems to throw me several curve balls at once … WTF ? ? ?


Sometimes I seriously feel like I’ve been knocked down and knocked back a few TOO many times … but in hindsight I can see why


Following our hearts can be MESSY, but I believe it’s where we find the best opportunities for change, because our hearts hold our truth. My biggest learning continues to be to TRUST myself and not believe everything I think

Our thoughts are based on past experiences and understandings, but our minds are full of so much more potential. We have the ability to create wonderful realities when we start tapping into our imaginations and intuitions


Through my experiences of depression and anxiety I’ve been healing, so it’s a very personal journey. A journey that I haven’t really fully understood until recently. Because while in the midst of great change it can kinda feel like we are sitting in the eye of a storm. A strange feeling of unrest as everything around us is in chaos, which is why our growth often looks like complete and utter destruction


I often compare our minds to computers because it helps me to understand how my own mind works. Imagine if you will, the frustration of a technological breakdown when our computer has a nasty virus. It freezes, doesn’t work properly and will crash if it doesn’t receive ongoing maintenance and upgrades

What happens to our brain effects EVERYTHING we are and do

Our thoughts determine ALL of our experiences


The breaking down of old ways of thinking, doing and being to make way for the new isn’t quite as smooth and graceful as a snake shedding his skin. We don’t just slip out of our old self. We often fight like hell to hold onto old ways out of fear

Then we confront the resistance from others as we shed our old skins. The more we stand in and express our truths, the more conflicts we will face … but WHY ? ? ?


Our depressions are often caused by thoughts and feelings about our past experiences that caused us hurt or disappointment. Our anxieties are often caused by our thoughts and feelings about our fears, worries and concerns for the future

So … HOW can we change our experience ?

By taking complete responsibility and accepting what is


Once the thoughts that keep us stuck in those unpleasant feelings are identified, we can determine the belief that motivates the thought and energizes the emotion

CHANGE is underway …

We begin to become unstuck and move through the process of healing. We learn to understand the purpose of our storms and we GROW


We walk out of our storm a different person with new insights and understandings

We have a clearer vision of what we want from life

We move forward more confidently towards what we need

Then the universe conspires to support us on our journey by connecting us with people who can help us

I fucking LOVE the process of change !!


GO where the LOVE flows

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