Why do we dream ?

dream 1

Have you ever wondered WHY we dream ?

I believe … our dreams are gifts given to us by something far greater than us

I believe … our dreams are previews into a future we are here to create

I believe … the universe conspires to breathe life into our dreams

dream 2

But it wasnt so long ago that I was feeling stuck and it seemed like some of my dreams were not going to come to life. So, I reflected over the process to determine where I was holding myself back and to identify how I was standing in my own way

Did you DREAM it ? … then its YOURS to create

Can you IMAGINE it ? … then YOU have the vision to create

Do you BELIEVE it ? … then YOUR mind has accepted it as your truth to create

Are you ACTIONING it ? … then YOUR energy provides the motivation to create

wake up

Asking myself those questions, I determined that I didn’t believe in myself, which was blocking the energy needed to create my dreams. Life was challenging me and so my fears and doubts increased. While I was healing a hurting heart I allowed myself to be influenced by the opinions of others. I became overwhelmed by negativity, criticism, doubt, mockery and misunderstanding. I began to think that my dreams were something I was unable to achieve. I was feeling defeated

 How could I breathe life into my dreams when life had left me breathless ?

How could I believe in myself when others doubted me ?

dream 4

Perhaps that was my lesson ? Maybe life was challenging me as a way to bring me to my own attention ? Was it possible to learn and grow if my heart had not been broken wide open ?  What if things needed to fall apart so I could rebuild myself ?


I believe … when we start to trust the process of change, our experience changes

I believe … our failure is just as important as our success

I believe … we learn most from our challenges and conflicts

I believe … our growth is only possible when we follow our heart

passionate heart

My heart has led me down some challenging paths. Sometimes the road has been bumpy and I’ve learned some very hard lessons through some very hurtful experiences, but those lessons have served me well. Because following my heart leads me closer towards my truth, which has always been and always will be essential to my own change and growth

I LIVE as passionately as I LOVE and that is my purpose

passion and purpose

I want to inspire, encourage and support others to follow their DREAMS

I want to inspire, encourage and support others to IMAGINE how life could be

I want to inspire, encourage and support others to BELIEVE in themselves

I want to inspire, encourage and support others to take ACTION towards living and loving life for all it can be

I want to inspire, encourage and support others to CREATE a life with more love and less fear


Our dreams sometimes manifest in ways we don’t understand, but by asking these questions we can usually determine where we are blocking ourselves

Are we being clear about what we do and do not want ?

Do we have any thoughts, beliefs, emotions or energy blockages that need to be acknowledged and released ?

Are we resisting the necessary changes that are essential to allow our dreams to be manifested ?

honour your process

Honour your own process of change and growth and be gentle with yourself


and NEVER give up on YOUR dreams

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