How to live the dream …


We all have hopes and dreams

Many of us even cast our wishes out to the universe, but often become disheartened when those wishes don’t come true. Creating our dreams involves much more than casting out a wish. But manifesting our hearts desire is a process we can all learn

What if I told you that you have the ability to create the life you imagine

What if I told you that you have the ability to live your dreams


I believe this to be true … yet there are still times when I allow sudden changes in direction to knock me off balance. Times when I need to fall down because there is something to be found down there. Times when I need to fail because there is an important lesson to be learned. Times when I need to lose something because its time to let it go. Times when I need to change because I want to grow

Sometimes the change of direction just doesn’t make any sense to us, but in time it does. Knowing this doesn’t make it any easier to adjust to those sudden changes, but in time it does. The more we seek to understand the reason for change, the easier it is to flow with it. With our new understandings our automatic response and way of being also changes … which has created a new habit

… but it’s a process and it takes time


Theres a sense of magic that motivates us to make a wish. As a young child I always believed in magic. I enjoyed watching fantasy movies about fairies, witches, werewolves, dragons and vampires (I still do) because I love how they take me to a familiar place where my imagination carries me away into other worlds where anything and everything is possible

As a grown woman I still believe in magic, but I believe that the magic exists inside of us all. I believe our energy flows with the universe and that’s how we are able to create the experiences we want and need in life


Whenever I doubt my ability to manifest my dreams I remind myself about some of the experiences I have already brought forward into reality

For example … I wanted to learn more about the lived and working experiences in Nursing Homes and with that intention my path began to unfold …

I was working in Aged Care as a carer when I decided that I wanted to have more influence in how older people were cared for. I was soon presented with an opportunity to do an Enrolled Nurse scholarship …

… it was the first scholarship offered by our organization

I was working in Aged Care as an EEN when I decided that I wanted to understand the behaviours of those I cared for. I was soon presented with an opportunity to do a Psychology undergraduate degree  …

… I was part of the first group to do this degree at that university

I was studying psychology when I decided that I wanted to expand upon my clinical knowledge and objective truths because I wanted to learn more about subjective realities. I was soon presented with an opportunity to do a Counselling postgraduate degree …

… I was part of the first group to do this degree at that university

I was studying counselling when I decided that I wanted to know how to better support older adults in Nursing homes so I wanted to know what they needed. I asked if I could volunteer my time to do Group therapy sessions  …

… it was the first time it had been done  in that facility

A coincidence ? .. Fate ? .. or did my intentions manifest the opportunities ?

 trail blazers

Those of us with a hunger for experiences

Those of us with a thirst for knowledge

Those of us who continue to question what is

Those of us who challenge the norms

Those of us with a desire to do more

We are the trail blazers …

… and the universe wants us to dream big because that’s how we evolve. Its how we reach our full potential and that’s how our world changes


The first step in manifesting our hearts desire is to WRITE IT DOWN !!!

The writing process helps to identify what we think and how we feel. Writing helps to  clarify what we want and it directs our goal planning. Writing helps us to be clear about our intentions, which energizes the manifestation process


 Be CREATIVE and don’t hold back on your creative expression because that’s how we tap into our passion, which motivates and inspires us. When we believe in what we want so much, then it has no choice but to materialize

But what if you believe in your dream and yourself but it still isn’t manifesting ?


Sometimes the door isn’t what we expected it to be

Sometimes the door opening up to new possibilities is our own mind

Sometimes the door isn’t what others can do for us but what we can do for ourselves

We often believe that something external to ourselves is blocking us, when the truth is WE are often the obstacle because of how we think, feel and respond to the challenges or conflicts we confront


Obstacles  do not block the path because they ARE the path

Obstacles are put in our way to challenge us, to test us, to see how much we want the dream

Obstacles do not stop us because they are the stepping stones towards success


When it comes to manifesting our dreams we WILL confront many obstacles and the most challenging is ourselves. The biggest mistake we often make when manifesting our dreams, is not doing the inner work needed to clear out any blockages that may be preventing us from creating the dream

So … what internal experiences could be blocking the manifestation process ?

Our IMPATIENCE  and  EXPECTATIONS of when and how it happens can often be our biggest obstacle. It can become a little frustrating when we feel like our dreams are taking forever to manifest

 But be assured that when our mind and heart is set for creating something new and we follow that intention with love and passion …

… then it WILL manifest in its own time


Our THOUGHTS and BELIEF that once we create our dream that it will take away the uncomfortable feeling of not having it can be another obstacle we may confront. We experience this whenever we want something we believe we do not already have. So learning to be OK if our dreams do not manifest allows us to let go of having it, which activates a higher level of consciousness … this is a GIFT


Our EGO can often pull us off the path by questioning and doubting ourselves. During our wait we may experience feelings of disappointment, fear, anger and envy when what we want doesn’t happen when and how we expect it to

That is when our gift becomes our GUIDE towards living the life of our dreams

We begin to manifest our dreams easier by getting out of our own way

When we believe that whatever we have set our heart and mind to already exists and that it’s already here. We begin to LIVE the dream


Dream it .. Imagine it .. Believe it .. Action it .. Create it .. Live it



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