Creative Inspiration

WHAT is creativity ?

and HOW can I become more inspired to be creative ?


By definition creativity is …

“The ability to transform traditional ideas & create meaningful new ideas”


To live a creative life … I need to feel inspired

To feel inspired … I need to have new experiences

To have new experiences … I need to be willing to do something different

To do something different … I need to change how I think

To change how I think … I need to challenge myself

To challenge myself … I need to get out of the comfort zone

To get out of the comfort zone … I need to take risks



1 ) Listen to your heart because that is your truth

2) Trust your instincts because it guides you

3) Focus on your strengths because it makes it easier to be creative

4) Open up your mind and explore new ideas because it will inspire you

5) Follow your passion because it energizes your creativity

6) Challenge yourself because it opens up new perspectives

7) Surround yourself with inspirational greatness because it inspires you

8) Experiment because trying new things stimulates your creative mind

9) Play and have fun because it liberates your self expression

10) Don’t compare yourself with others because it is YOUR journey


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