Seasons ~ Reasons ~ Lifetimes


Me too …

The how, why and when our friendship ended caused me alot of heart hurt. Suffering exaggerated and prolonged by her continued connection with my family & friends …

But just as some relationships come to an end … so do some friendships …


Seasons ♡ Reasons ♡ Life times ♡

I learned many valuable lessons from the unfortunate experience …

I learned how to stand in MY truth, regardless of what other people thought or felt about me.

I learned how to drop the masks and live with more integrity, no matter how uncomfortable it felt.

I learned how to be more authentic in my interactions, regardless of how much it upset the status quo.

But most importantly I learned how to face up to my own BULL SHIT !!!


I may have lost her friendship but I gained so much more in my life because I now see and experience life very differently …


I believe that sometimes we outgrow people, and that’s not only OK, its often necessary.

I think the role people play in our lives needs to change as we do.

I understand that the universe connects and disconnects us on purpose.

I accept that some changes are often not wanted but are always needed.

I believe conflict and tensions occur when we refuse to let go and move on.


I trust the process of change and growth … even though at times I may not always like or want it ♡

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