Past ~ Present ~ Future


As the year comes to an end and I reflect over …

what WAS, what IS and what WILL BE …

I find myself sitting in a familiar place of PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE … but after a past life reading a few days ago, I also find myself in a strange and unfamiliar place of seeking connection to unknown parts of myself


I consider myself fortunate to be surrounded by many women of wisdom, some of which are psychics and mystics, many who are moving away blockages and reopening channels to spirit energies …

So, I excitedly asked a dear and wonderful friend of mine “What can you see for me” ? … which led us towards an unexpected jump to the past and some exciting insights into the future …

She confirmed many of my own knowings about having lived many lives in the UK, where I still have a strong heart connection to the land. It was 17th century self that came through: a woman with long curly auburn hair, green eyes, slimmer than I am now with a well proportioned body (a similar image I’ve had of myself living in another life)

I was from a middle class family, happily married, very much in love, had 2 children (one died), a justice fighter and school teacher, with a strong desire to see the world through different eyes and have different experiences … which is why my eyes changed to the colour blue


I didn’t full fill my life purpose in that life time, hence why she came through … maybe “she” has unfinished business ?

I was told that she walks with me during this lifetime …


Now, there’s a concept that spins me out, if I hold onto the belief that our soul can only be in one place, at one time …

but WHAT IF we can and do exist in other dimensions and therefore be living different realities at the same time ?

Some serious mind blowing WTF possibilities !!!


Keeping my mind open … I listened attentively as she described the images coming to her. My 17th century self, walking through a market square alone, smiling to passers by and feeling happy and content … then my future self walking on a white sandy beach on an island somewhere, feeling the same way … a pivotal moment in time …

As if both parts of myself are walking on an exact parallel

What it means or what message it gives, I guess time will tell ?


Which brings me to some of the future images that came to her …

Traveling to somewhere with snowy mountains soon

A book, spirit suggested I read “Scarlet Fever”

Pretty much going in the same direction and dabbling in similar things for a few more years yet to come

Writing my book about “Love”, which is part of my healing process … I will confront some knock backs and rejections but I wont GIVE UP … and it will eventually be recognized (most likely internationally) … she had an image of a book launch in front of the Sydney opera house. A tall grey haired gent standing proudly beside me


  I will meet the “one” once my book has been written and published at a formal function … I’m wearing a black gown and hes wearing a black suit. Hes tall, dark and handsome and I will know as soon as our eyes meet …

She’s not the first person to tell me that …

Another psychic told me that my “soul mate” won’t come into my life until I am in my late 40s, that my path will lead me towards other men before then because of my need for experience

  Not too long ago, Frenchy had an image of a tall, dark and handsome man coming into my life … and although I can’t picture his face, I do sense this man coming into my life in the future …

But first, I have important work to do myself …


Our conversation opens up some VERY interesting possibilities …

but as I regress over past experiences and work towards the future …


Life … its all about the journey !!!

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