The Illusionary Visionary


I’m feeling a little exposed and quite vulnerable at the moment because what I thought I was doing is not what Ive actually BEEN doing, in more than one area of my life

Illusionary visionary … Yup that’s ME !!!

I hope that my musings offer a piece of my heart to those who are also moving through their own process of change. So feeling a little braver after the publication of my first submission to Elephant Journal, I took another risk and submitted my latest blog on “Living with Love” … and it was REJECTED

Stung a little because it tugged at the “I’m not good enough” strings.
But after the initial sting I reread the email and was extremely grateful for the valuable feedback they willingly offered. My blog was too scattered and covered too many topics at once with not enough depth, which kinda reflects my head space to be honest …
They also asked … is your writing Emotionalism ?

At first glance it sounds like a positive thing because I like to think that I DO write with emotion. However, it’s NOT a good thing for a writer because although writing with heart involves our emotions, TOO much of self can offer a sense of “Look at me”, which separates instead of connects
Ouch !!! … another sting

Yes, I was one of those kids and some would argue that I’m still one of those adults, but its neither my motivation nor intention for writing. I want my words to come from an open heart, sharing my experiences with intentions to support others as they also move forward through the discomforts of their own changes

Massive FAILURE !!!

I really wanted to hear another “we love your work” response, not “you’re not quite there yet” … but part of the journey is the breaking down of old ways of being and doing, to become something new, which can be totally terrifying … yet also kinda exhilarating !!!

I consider constructive criticism to be a mighty stroke of luck because it reflects an offering of support and guidance on our journey, so I’m taking it all on board gratefully and reflecting over the feedback

Improving my writing and counseling skills is my motivation and I want my blog to reflect that learning process, hence why I’m sharing this experience with you

So … I’ve now learned that the difference between emotionalism and catharsis is GENEROSITY … which is about opening up our hearts and offering the suffering instead of using the suffering as the motivating factor

Hmmmmm ?
How do I offer it ?
How DO I get MORE real ?

get real1
“what the writer least wants to share is what the world is bleeding to hear”
Hmmmmm ?
So, some questions to sit with are …

What DOES the world want to hear ?
How can I offer that to my readers ?
Is there a common, clear theme in my writing ?
Does it inspire the reader ?
Can the reader benefit from what I share in some way ?

So … this is where I ask YOU the reader to feedback on ANY of those questions


2 thoughts on “The Illusionary Visionary

  1. Mother Earth !!

    When we speak from the heart our words can sometimes become confusing as our heart is our emotions central !! Therefore words spoken just from the heart are often mislead as other peoples emotions become entwined with them, like a spider in a web tangled and unrecognisable. As a writer maybe it’s our purpose to speak from the mind as well as the heart so these words become more recognisable to others !! Just a thought !!

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