Living with L.O.V.E


I’ve been fortunate over the years to have met many delightful men
Blessed to have been loved by some wonderful hearts
And privileged to have fallen in love with some beautiful souls
Men who have all loved me far more than I had ever truly loved myself
Men who loved me far more than they were also loving themselves
And for that I am so very grateful ♥


My journey has never been about hating men … and never will be
Because I’m forever grateful for any love I experience and share
My heart has led me down some wonderful paths and I’ve had some extraordinary experiences
Paths that I never regret walking and experiences I never regret having
My path has always been about the journey … learning HOW to love ♥

love journey.jpg

When I think about my heart aches and broken hearts
Its only during the aftermath of emotion …
can I appreciate the experience in its entirety
Only once the loss has been acknowledged and the grief expressed …
do I realize that it had nothing to do with them and everything to do with my own heart ♥

love yourself2.jpg

trust the journey

I’m a woman who chooses to live a more conscious life
A choice that continually challenges and changes me
A way of living that isn’t for everyone
The men I have loved have also tried to become more conscious …
We both did, but unfortunately we were destined to fail
Because they didn’t actively choose to live a conscious life
Each of them feared the necessary uncomfortable changes that accompany the awakening process
Whether it was fear of growth, vulnerability or the change itself…
Fear started to trump our experience of L.O.V.E ♥


Tensions and conflicts have always arisen with my need for MORE …
More honesty, more truth, more openness, more intimacy, more time
My need for more causing feelings of frustration
Neither one of us feeling like we were ENOUGH
Both of us hanging onto fragments of love, unwilling to completely let go
I believe that the men I have loved, still love me ♥
Not because I’m egotistical, but because my heart loved them so fiercely
Perhaps, I challenged the way we both had experienced love in the past?
Maybe, I brought us out of our comfort zones, offering a taste of something that we both craved?


It’s not easy to hold onto a woman like me
Because I’m driven to experience ALL that life has to offer
Ive never doubted the love of any man who has declared his love for me
But to love a woman like me, he must also love the journey
And the journey of love is fraught with hurt, loss and discomfort
Experiences that break our hearts open for an important purpose ♥


Others have criticized and judged who, why and how I have loved
Criticisms that often made me feel like the love I was feeling was wrong
Judgements that caused my heart more anguish than was necessary
But each and every criticism and judgement are also important aspects of the journey towards living a life of L.O.V.E
For, if we choose to listen to the opinions of others, then we ignore the truth in our own hearts ♥


Yesterday, I shared an intense experience with my lover

During our love making in the light of day
Our naked bodies exposed and entwined in full goddess and godly glory
I kept my eyes wide open … and I witnessed the love ♥

During our heart to heart conversations
Our shame and guilt cast aside
I gazed deep into his eyes … and I witnessed the love ♥


Those of us who choose to walk the path less traveled, with intentions to become more consciously awake … will always challenge what IS
Our desire to explore and experiment with love will often confuse those who misunderstand us …


But its through our experiences that we WITNESS the LOVE
Each of us are OPENING and GROWING in love in different ways
So, just because MY truth is different to YOURS … doesn’t mean that my experience of love isn’t TRUE ♥

love the life.jpg

Suspend judgement … extend LOVE ♥

5th APRIL post feeling it in my bones

If Ive already met, connected with, loved and been loved by so many beautiful, wonderful and amazing men
Imagine … the experiences of love I am still yet destined for ♥

2 thoughts on “Living with L.O.V.E

  1. Mel

    Does this allow me to follow this blog? Your post was fortuitous as I am currently mindfully choosing to walk out of the fog (again).


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