Be the stronger woman

Even though the stronger woman doesn’t always feel strong, she has strength. She knows her heart needs time to accept the truth, but when its over she is DONE. She knows focusing on her self helps to regain the balance she needs to move her forward into new directions.

The stronger woman will always hold love in her heart for someone she once shared love with because it never goes away, nor should it. But shes not the kinda woman who will beg you to stay, nor is she afraid to leave. She won’t manipulate your emotions, nor will she wish you bad karma.

The stronger woman walks away because she will never settle for less than and she doesn’t want you to either. She will rise above the blame and take responsibility for her own choices  her forgiving heart will defend your choices because she understands you.

The stronger woman doesn’t want a love that holds her down, nor will she ever hold you back. She wants to experience the liberation and exhilaration’s of love. She isn’t afraid to spread her wings and fly alone, nor does she fear jumping into the arms of love.

She hopes that her love will set you free

The stronger woman is more interested in sorting out her own messy mind than trying to mess with yours.

I have an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the lessons I’m learning in love

I hope you do too ❤️

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