Heed the call …

forest magic25

 “The mountains are calling and I must go” (John Muir)

 I often hear the call of the mountain when my heart and mind are in conflict,
She calls to me because it’s the place I feel closest to my truest self

Walking the winding paths that lead deeper into the heart of the mountain …
… there is no escape from my truth

During the climb the truth of who I am surfaces with each and every step,
Conflicts between my past, present and future self …
What was …
What is …
What will be ?

But she understands my internal conflict and welcomes me to share with her

Sweat and tears flow and fall onto her surface …
… she challenges me to surrender to my truest and deepest feelings

My mood changes as my energy shifts …
… she accepts the shadows that linger behind me with love

I push my way through self doubt, fear and anxieties …
… she supports me as I process messy thoughts and release heavy emotion

I move past uncertainties and apprehensions …
… she encourages me to drop out of mind and step into heart space

I feel the love where my energy becomes one with spirit
Perspective that is forever changing as I get closer and closer towards her peak

Then, I reach the top … where the air is clean and the view is expansive
An overwhelming sense of endless space and limitless time
My mind is clear and my heart is open

I am balanced
We are ONE

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