By changing our thoughts we change our experience


In the past my efforts to loose weight was all about the LOSS

It was all about the sacrifices to gain results

It was all about loosing the weight that was weighing me down

Perhaps this is why Ive never succeeded ?

“Getting results, or losing weight isn’t actually about losing anything. It’s all about what you gain. The confidence you gain, the self-esteem you gain, the improved body-image you gain. You’ll be more confident to put yourself out there and really experience what life has to offer. You’ll build deeper relationships, you’ll be confident shopping for new clothes. The strength and pleasure you’ll gain from knowing you achieved what you use to dream about. You deserve to live the happiest life you possibly can”(Drew Baird: personal trainer/motivator)

Sometimes all it takes is a shift in perception

We can either focus on what we are loosing or we can focus on what we are gaining, the choice is ours. My choice to be car less really has been the best decision Ive made because sometimes we just need a little push in the right direction.

I may have lost my car but I’m gaining more opportunities to exercise, which is not only increasing my motivation to do more. Its also increasing my fitness, enhancing my coping skills and improving my overall well being.

This time is not about being so hard on myself and its not about denying myself of those things I want because life’s too fucking short not to eat dessert
If I fancy something tasty … I have it

Ive ditched the shame and guilt … and I ENJOY it

But because of my increased physical activity, I still see results. Those results being more than dropping in a dress size. I’m noticing that my thoughts are much kinder. My internal dialogue is speaking in a more loving tone. I’m being gentler with myself and for the majority of the time enjoying the process.

Pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone and getting out there is about confronting our fears. Its about facing up to all the bullshit that has held us back over the years
I look at these images and I SMILE …

I smile because the first bike ride to work was a terrifying and uncomfortable experience and I felt every bit of awkward. But only 4 weeks on and Ive already halved the time it takes me to ride to/from work and I’m getting a real buzz out of zooming down the hills and pushing a little harder up them


My goal to transform my body is not going to be a quick fix because its about more than changing the shape of my body. Its about changing how I think and feel about my body.

Let me share a story …

Imagine if you will … I was riding along the road on Mary Poppins when suddenly I found myself in the midst of a pro biker group. I was surrounded by an abundance of male thighs in tight pants. Speeding along beside me, in front of me and behind me. For a few seconds I felt like I was part of the group. I felt the speed, the exhilaration and the energy, which made me giggle out loud … then as soon as they appeared, they were gone and Mary Poppins and I carried on cruising along at our usual slow pace with a smile on my dial

” Behold the turtle because he makes progress only when he sticks his head out “

The more motivated I become the more I want to push my limits. But don’t think that its all rainbows and lollipops because its not. The more I challenge myself the more discomforts I feel. But working through our discomforts is how we overcome the obstacles that hold us back. Those negative thoughts that pop into our mind and make us feel less than. The big difference now is I dont believe them. I allow them to flow out as easily as they flow in. I dont attach to them. I re-frame them, which then changes my experience. Some days I do it with minimal effort and other days I need to encourage myself a little more … but I AM worth the effort and so are YOU

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