LOVE sits at the core of our truth


Our lessons in love come in many different shapes and forms. Not always appearing in the way we had expected or at a time that we intended.

Sometimes we can miss opportunities for love because we convince ourselves that its not the right person, not the right time or not the right situation.

Those of us who have been hurt by love in the past can often confuse our fears with valid reasons, that make more sense than the unplanned connection.

But the truth is …

LOVE is the only thing that sets us free from the confinements of our own minds. Love takes us beyond rational thought and logic, towards a place where anything is possible.

Its difficult to define what love is because it varies for us all, depending upon who and where we are. But our souls recognize love by the way it makes us feel in its presence or absence.

We experience love on a frequency that we don’t always understand, which can be unsettling for those of us who struggle to flow with what is, without rational explanations.

But there’s always something of value and importance to learn when it comes to our experience of love. There’s always a purpose for our connections.

Sometimes we don’t understand why we are attracted to someone or why our hearts fall in love. Sometimes we need to recognize what holds us back. Sometimes we are resistive to love because it’s not packaged in the way we had expected it to be delivered.

This doesn’t mean settling nor accepting less than we deserve. Neither does it mean walking into something without healthy boundaries. Its about trusting that our paths unfold and connect with others for an important reason. A reason we may not yet know or understand.

But if our connection is based on honesty and mutual respect then it will serve our growth. If the love in our hearts is true then its meant for YOU ❤

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