We are not here to be perfect, we are here to LOVE


What is your addiction ???

I think I might be addicted to LOVE

Ive explored and researched addiction a lot over the years during my quest of self discovery because of my own bad habits. Learning how a bad habit is formed and why it becomes an addiction has been a very confronting but beneficial experience. (An addiction is a pattern of compulsive behaviour that can have negative impacts on our health and well being).

But it was only the beginning of understanding who I am …

We are so much more than what we think, how we feel and why we do things. We are also wonderful beings of energy and light. Each given the privilege of living a human life, equipped with a mind, a heart and intuition to help us create the opportunities and experiences that we personally need to learn and grow from. But sometimes we can get stuck and fall into bad habits because we loose sight of who we really are and what we are here for.

As we move through our every day lives, we can become mindless in our interactions and habitual in our routines. As we confront our challenges in love, we forget that love isn’t something that we have, it is who we are. When we confront death, we focus on the loss and forget that energy doesn’t die, it goes back to the source of creation (whatever that may be) and continues to influence our life here on Earth.

I believe in magic and that each and every one of us are walking miracles, with the ability to heal and create the life we imagine. Our purpose to find meaning, follow our passions and share it with the world.

To find both purpose and meaning we need to connect with ourselves, others, nature and the source. But our bad habits can sometimes become addictions that disconnect us from ourselves, others, our purpose and the source. Holding us back from living our full potential.

The first and most challenging step in changing our habits is to acknowledge them. To be accountable for ourselves isn’t always easy because its difficult for us to admit our downfalls because we feel less than. But remember that we are neither right nor wrong because there are only choices that bring different experiences and consequences, which we learn from … there are no “mistakes”. We are neither good nor bad because we are all perfectly flawed and we are all beautiful in those imperfections

“Don’t judge someone just because they sin differently to you”

My goal for this lifetime is not to be perfect, but to learn and grow from my experiences. To then share any new insights and understandings with others and hopefully leave the world a better place because of my presence.

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