The voices inside of my head


Our thoughts can often become a huge headache and at times drive us completely out of our minds, turn us upside down, make us feel stir crazy and drive us completely bonkers

Our beautiful minds have the ability to take us all there … You and Me

Which is why learning to understand how our brain functions and processes information is an essential part of our change and growth because our thoughts DO shape our reality

  I’m truly fascinated by the mind. Its a wonderful complex structure that’s constantly firing off signals to the rest of our body, which influences every part of our lived experience. And just as a car needs to undergo regular maintenance, so does our brain

What do we eat and drink ?

How much sleep and rest do we have ?

What company do we keep ?

How much physical activity and exercise do we do ?

What habits do we maintain ?

It all impacts on how our brain functions and processes. I often compare our brain to a computer because it works so much in the same way. Our mind also needing to reboot the hard drive (beliefs) and upgrade the software (thoughts)

Why ?

Because new experiences continue to alter how we perceive and understand our world and ourselves

Although I am a woman who flows with the ebbs and flow of the moon. I am also a woman of logic and reason, which is why I put just as much time and effort into observing my thoughts as I do flowing with my feelings

I love my brain … seriously I do ❤

But I dont believe everything she thinks is truth … at least not MY truth

She really is quite brilliant and there’s still so much potential to be unleashed from her, but quite honestly, sometimes what she thinks is total utter NONSENSE

Sorting out the truth from the nonsense can be an uncomfortable and time consuming process, but it can also be very interesting and at times quite amusing

Have you ever wondered where our thoughts come from ?

I have … of course ☺ and the more I observe my thoughts, the more interesting the voices in my head become

No, I am not suffering from a personality disorder, but I can totally appreciate how those voices could quite easily become the monsters in our head. And I have the utmost compassion for those who suffer from debilitating mental health disorders, which is what motivates me to explore the mind so deeply

Ignorance isn’t always so blissful, especially for those who are suffering from symptoms of depression and anxiety. So, the more we understand how our brain ticks, the more we can support positive change in our own and someone elses life

Lets talk about the voices inside of my head

A voice has something to say about this very blog I am writing now

She says …

“People are gonna read this and think, who the hell are you to help someone, when you’re so fucked up yourself, you’re hearing voices in your head woman” !!!

Hmmmm valid point she raises … I suppose

But who is she ?

She is my beautiful EGO ❤

We learned all about the different aspects of our human psyche in psychology, which was a very interesting journey to be sure. Freud was a brilliant thinker, neurologist and the father of psychoanalysis, who takes us deep inside of our consciousness

Allow me to introduce you to ID, EGO and SUPEREGO


So, objectively speaking we ALL have 3 voices inside of our heads

Our ID is the “YES man” or the voice of our inner child… shes our most primal self, shes impulsive and she seeks to increase pleasure and decrease tension. She focuses primarily on her own needs, with little regard of others. Shes the one who drives all of those wonderful bad habits we have, but shes also the GO getter and the get things DONE woman

Our SUPEREGO is the “NO man” or the voice of our mother … shes our moral grounding, shaped by our social conditioning. She tries to control the impulsive nature of ID by offering the opinion of what is believed to be right and wrong. Shes a bit of a party pooper, but she also maintains a sense of order in our lives

Our EGO is our “MIDDLE man” or the voice of our inner critic … shes our self regulator, compromising between the needs of ID and the social expectations of SUPEREGO. Shes the thinking, feeling and willing aspects of how we experience and react to the outside world. Shes primarily driven by fear, often holding us back, but she serves to protect us

But what about the other voices ?


The voice of our INTUITION … “a phenomenon of the mind, describing the ability to acquire knowledge without inference or the use of reason”

The voice of our SPIRIT GUIDES … “incorporeal beings that are assigned to us before we are born that help nudge and guide us through life. Responsible for helping us fulfill the spiritual contract we make with ourselves before we incarnate”

The voice of our FAITH … and whether we name it as God, Buddha, Allah, Nature or Universe, they all refer to the same source of creation and being

With so many voices talking inside of our heads, its no wonder that our thoughts can sometimes drive us completely out of our minds

How the fuck do we determine who is who ?

It would be so much easier if they all spoke in different accents (wink)

But … WHAT IF going out of our mind helps us to fall into our hearts ?

WHAT IF our thoughts drive us out of our minds so that we can tap into the voice of intuition, spirit guides and faith more easily ?

Hmmmmm … she ponders


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