She’s neither here nor there


A woman of extremes,

either all in or completely out.

Keeps finding herself dwelling in the spaces of in-between.

At the cross roads.

Somewhere she’s never been comfortable being.

 A place of apprehension where she feels uncertain of her direction.

Unsure of her next move,

she ponders

Roll the dice ?

Luck of the draw ?

Play her cards ?

Leave it to chance ?

she wonders

Is she playing the game of life ?


is she being played ?

The more life doesn’t go to plan or has hoped,

the more she wonders if her destiny is written in the stars ?

Universe guiding her towards a future that she cant yet see.

The road less traveled keeps calling to her,

but its an unfamiliar path without sign posts.

All she has to rely on are her choices,

and a sense of knowing.

That her soul is being called home.

But to where ?

to what ?

to who ?

She doesn’t yet know


there she stands at the crossroads.

In the space of in-between,

guided by blind faith and a hopeful heart.

Believing in her dreams,

and trusting the unfolding.

Mindful interaction

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